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Lincoln Self Reliance has received a three-year CARF accreditation for Community Services: Community Integration, Housing, and Supported Living.


Admissions and Eligibility

Persons requesting services must have a funding source in place or seek eligibility for a funding source (i.e., Medicaid Waiver services, private pay, alternate funding sources.)

The intake policy for individuals seeking services is as follows:

  • Individual makes contact with LSR, Inc. requesting services.
  • Services that LSR, Inc. can provide will be explained.
  • Persons requesting services must have a funding source in place or seek eligibility for a funding source (i.e., BHD waiver services, ABI, private pay, alternate funding sources, etc.).
  • A Planning Team meeting is set up with individual/family, Executive Director and or designee, Case Manager, APM (if applicable), to discuss the needs of the person requesting services and if the needs of the person can be met by LSR, Inc.
  • The Planning Team must take into consideration the needs of the person requesting services as well as the needs/safety of the other persons receiving services from LSR, Inc.
  • The Planning Team makes recommendations for potential placement.  The final decision is made by the Executive Director after team input regarding LSR, Inc.’s ability to meet the individual’s needs.
  • The individual/family will be notified of service determination within 10 days of meeting. 
  • If it is determined that services match needs of the person requesting services, the person/guardian will meet with the Case Manager to start the process for requesting/securing services per funding source.
  • Fill out the appropriate paperwork to begin the eligibility process for Home and Community Based Waiver or alternate funding.
  • If funding source is already determined, make arrangements for services through the alternate funding source.  
  • A team meeting involving the person served, guardian, Director, CM, APM (if applicable) will occur to plan the goals/Individual Plan of Care for the persons served once funding is secured.
  • If it is determined that the person’s needs or the needs/safety of other person’s receiving services cannot be met by LSR, Inc., referrals will be made to assist with finding a placement that can meet the needs of the individual.
  • In the event of a waiting list for services, persons requesting services will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis with the exception of cases of dire emergency which require immediate placement.
  • Once the individual/family has selected to receive services through LSR, Inc. and has been accepted for placement, LSR, Inc. is committed to taking them through the waiver eligibility process (if necessary) through the development and implementation of their first IPC. 
  • The guidelines for the funding source will be followed by the Case Manager.  The person served can choose to change Case Managers at the Six Month Staffing or Annual Staffing (waiver).



Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc.
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