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FROM:   LSR Thayne Day Habilitation 
TO:         Families, Guardians and Clients 
Dear Families, Guardians and Clients: 


Things we are doing in the month of April, 2019:  


Monday’s in April:  We will be continuing to go to the library for book readings and crafts.  The clients will have computer time,  an exercise class, community cleanup.  


Tuesday’s in April:  We will be going to the LSR Store on the 9th to spend their chore money.  We will try to eat our lunch at the pavilion on good weather Tuesdays.  We will be having time in the community center gym for activities and for the individuals who will be going to Special Olympics to practice.  


Wednesday’s in April:  We will still be bowling at Skyview Lanes in Afton.  We are planning on being in the community most of the day.  Clients will be able to purchase their lunches in town, if they choose, on any Wednesday.  


Thursday’s in April:  We will be making paper on Thursdays.  We will be doing some Easter and Spring indoor and outdoor activities and having a safety day on the 11th.  


Friday’s in April:  We will be having our monthly meetings, doing drills and safety checks and trainings, stocking the vending machine, and volunteering to vacuum at the Food Bank.  We will also be having an exercise class each Friday.  


Please remember:
Wear gym shoes on Mondays and Tuesdays.  For the clients who are going to Special Olympics, we will be traveling to Evanston on the 26th and 27th.  More details to come. 


Heather Bigelow Thayne Program Manger
Diane Hincks LDSP
heatherb@lsrservices.org  307-883-2577  ext. 11


About the LSR Thayne Office: 

Lincoln Self Reliance (LSR) has a second Star Valley office in Thayne.  Services offered here are: Adult Day Services (DayHab), Supported Employment, Community Integration, Companion Services, and Supported Living (Wright Place Residential Home).  (Any services not presently provided can be offered if a new client is in need).

The clients mostly use the Adult Day Services, Community Integration, and Residential Services here.  An average day in Thayne consists of:

 -  2 hours of Community Integration (striving to attain set goals, going out to eat, nature walks, library activities, going to area stores, going to a local gaming place, etc.)  Certain days of the week are set aside for bowling, golfing, field trips, and other planned activities. 

 - 2-3 hours of Adult Day Services (chores, parties, crafts, computer time, interaction with other clients, exercising, playing games, doing puzzles, etc.) 

 - 1 hour of Supported Employment (cleaning the Thayne Community Center, stocking vending machines, etc.) 

 - The rest of the time is spent at the residential home or in the community (chores, cleaning, fixing dinner, making healthy choices, activities, leisure time, etc.)

Their most loved activity?  Eating out!  This group just loves to experience the local cuisine and try new foods. 

The LSR staff look for every opportunity to help the clients attain set goals of improvement or learning.  These goals are set by their team (which includes themselves, their guardians, case managers, providers, LSR staff, etc.) 
Most goals, when compared to individuals without disabilities, are small.  Clients have achieved things like learning how to vacuum, do laundry, brush their teeth, etc.  One client has learned all their relatives' phone numbers.  Others have obtained area jobs - and kept them!  In fact, there are a couple job openings for future prospective clients. 

What does LSR do for the community?  Clients from LSR volunteer at the Thayne Library putting books away;  help at the Food Bank cleaning up and watching for donations and taking them inside;  volunteering for the Star Valley Half Marathon handing out water, holding signs, and cheering!  In the past, they have helped at the Animal Humane Association of Star Valley by walking, feeding, and giving affection and attention to the animals there.  

The clients participate in many local events, whether they are sponsored by LSR, local businesses, or the State/county/community.  These would include the Special Olympics, Lincoln County Fair, the annual "Mega Conference" (for individuals with disabilities), bicycle races that come through our valley, the LSR Annual Abilities Prom, Golf Tournament, Bowling Tournament, and the LSR Awards Banquet. 

And they LOVE the field trips.  They've gone to Sea World, the Hogle Zoo, Las Vegas, Yellowstone National Park, Lava Hot Springs, Bear Lake, Yosemite National Park, Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, etc. 

Why would any prospective client or any guardian want their child to come here?  It's the awesome staff.  They are well-trained, caring individuals who are here because they want to make a difference in someone else's life.  The LSR staff provides a safe environment in a clean facility for the clients to have lots of options and activities they may not get from other providers.  LSR has multiple locations for even more choices. 

LSR provides for their employees a very rewarding job, choices of locations to work, great benefits, and room for advancement.  Want to work for LSR and make a difference?  Check out our employment page with job openings.  






Thayne  Office:

250 Van Noy Parkway

Thayne, Wyoming 83127

Phone: 307-883-2577

Fax: 307-883-5578

Email: HeatherB@lsrservices.org