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Lincoln Self Reliance's (LSR's) main office is in Afton. Nestled in the top of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming. The persons with disabilities who are served here (Clients), get to spend their days in a crisp high-altitude environment, breathing in clean mountain air, drinking delicious fresh water, and living in a rural, home-town valley full of caring neighbors and friends. It can't get any better than this.

Services offered here are: Adult Day Services (DayHab), Vocational or Supportive Employment, Community Integration, Companion Services, and Supported Living (Oakwood Cottage). (Any services not presently provided can be offered if a new client is in need).

The clients mostly use the Adult Day Services, Community Integration, and Residential Services here. An average day in Afton has them interacting with staff and other clients. Many do their best to try to stay stimulated, engaged, and alert, while others move toward goals of improvement that have been set by their "team" (which consists of the client's guardian, case manager, LSR staff, and the clients themselves).

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  Afton DayHab Monthly Letter 

  May 2019
  “Every day may not be good, but there is good in everyday”   

Dear Families, Clients, and Guardians:


Last month, our clients really enjoyed time in Thayne with the LSR group practicing for special O.  Some of the clients participated on The 26th and 27th, and did very well in their events.  Congratulations!  


This month we have some exciting new things in store as the cold weather gets warmer!  

Mondays and Thursdays we are going to be doing Therapeutic Riding in Jackson.  We will have normal pick-up on these days.  
Wednesdays we will continue bowling which is always a favorite.  


Dates To Remember:
  Monday and Thursdays:  Horseback Riding.  
  Tuesday 28th:  National Hamburger Day.  No lunch needed we will be having a BBQ please send a side dish to share.  
  Wednesdays: Bowling.  
  Thursday May 23rd:  Trip To LAVA Hot Springs.  After talking to Darrel, we will be charging the clients $20.00 for the Lava trip.  This will include the transportation, cost to get in the pools, and a picnic lunch.  If clients want to bring money for the snack shop, they may do so.  If they want to rent swim noodles they are $4.00 each.


Thank You,  
Rissa Grisamer  
Afton, LDSP   
307-885-1577 Ext. 219



Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc.  

Afton, Main Office

1038 South Washington Street

Post Office Box 1449

Afton, Wyoming 83110

Phone: 307-885-1577

Fax: 307-885-2577

Email: DarrelS@lsrservices.org


One thing unique to the Afton office is the greenhouse! The clients and staff get to plant, tend, harvest, and eat delicious home-grown veggies and herbs. (Click on a pic to see an enlargement). Clients spend about a half-hour a day tending the greenhouse - weeding, making sure the veggies are watered properly, etc. This also possibly goes toward clients who may need to attain a goal on this subject. Present veggies found in there right now? Tomatoes, squash, onions, cucumbers, carrots, peas, peppers, and strawberries! See pics below.