LSR Annual Report 

 July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020
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LSR Mission Statement: 
It is our mission to provide training and support to individuals with disabilities so they may achieve maximum potential for self-reliance and active participation in the community.  



Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc. has been in operation as a Section 501(c)(3) corporation since July 2000.  LSR, Inc. maintains physical facilities in Diamondville, Kemmerer, Afton, Thayne, and Evanston Wyoming.  The Administration Office is located in Afton Wyoming.  

This past year at our Evanston service locations we continued to have several facility improvements.  New flooring was installed at the main office and training room.  A bathroom at Champs was remodeled to meet ADA standards.  One of the Morse Lee apartments received new flooring.  A used minivan with wheelchair ramp was purchased for two new clients being served 24-hours at a privately owned residence.  

LSR’s thrift store located at the 1038 South Washington had an outstanding year.  Donations from the local community increased substantially this past year and customer visits have continued to increase during the year.  LSR employed three staff during the summer to meet the needs of the customers.  Gross revenue from the thrift store for the fiscal year was $92,396.  This amount was up from the prior year by $14,699.  

The Thayne program also had new flooring work completed this past year.  Both the main floors and inside stairs received new floor coverings.  The old carpet was removed and vinyl planking was installed on the main levels.  



1038 South Washington, Afton, Wyoming – Administration Office, Day Programming, Vocational
20 Adaville Drive, Diamondville, Wyoming - Day Programming and offices, Vocational
250 Van Noy Pkwy, Thayne, Wyoming – Day Programming and offices, Vocational
100 Bear River Drive, Evanston, Wyoming – Day Programming and offices
1660 Nations, Kemmerer, Wyoming – Residential Habilitation
720 Adams, Afton, Wyoming – Residential Habilitation
130 Wright Street, Thayne, Wyoming –Residential Habilitation
140 Wright Street, Thayne, Wyoming – Residential Habilitation
1912 West Morse Lee, Evanston, Wyoming – Residential Habilitation
208 Champs, Evanston, Wyoming – Residential Habilitation
112 John Hancock, Evanston, Wyoming – Residential Habilitation 




LSR, Inc. maintains a Governance Board of five to ten members from various backgrounds and communities in Lincoln County.  LSR, Inc. employs an Executive Director, Darrel Skinner, MSW, to manage the day-to-day operations of the organization.  Board members serving at the close of the 2019-2020 fiscal year were:
•    Darren Bateman, President  (Kemmerer – Energy)
•    Kimberly Zuniga, Vice President (Kemmerer – Education)
•    Anji Taylor, Secretary/Treasurer  (Afton – Banking)
•    Lisa Beachell, Member  (Evanston – Homemaker)
•    Harold Jones, Member (Afton – Commerce)
•    Jayson Kennington, Member (Afton – Banking)


CARF Accreditation:  
LSR, Inc. maintains CARF accreditation for Community Integration; Community Housing; Supported Living; and, Community Employment Services: Employment Supports.  LSR received a Three Year Accreditation at the conclusion of our accreditation survey conducted in November 2019. 
“CARF accreditation is a process that demonstrates a provider has met standards for the quality of its services.  CARF established these standards to guide providers in offering their services.  CARF also uses the standards to evaluate how well a provider is servicing people and how it can improve.”  
CARF Accreditation is good through December 1st, 2022. 






Programs and Services:
During the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019, LSR provided services to 68 individuals.  
•    Thirty individuals received Residential (Community Living) services through LSR.  
    Sixty-seven individuals received Adult Day Services/Community Support Services through LSR.   
•    LSR also provided personal care, supported employment, respite, companion services, adaptive equipment purchases, and transportation services during the fiscal year.    



LSR Outcomes: 
•    In a satisfaction survey conducted in December 2019, stakeholders indicated 100% overall satisfaction with Adult Day Services; and, 100% satisfaction with Community Living Services.  
    LSR did not have any formal grievances filed by clients or stakeholders during the fiscal year.  
    LSR provided 17,303 transportation rides during the fiscal year.   
    In an employee satisfaction survey conducted in December 2019, respondents indicated 87% employment satisfaction working for LSR.
    LSR provided $11,020 in free unfunded services during the fiscal year.         



Community Involvement - Persons Receiving Services and Staff: 
LSR staff and persons served have been highly involved in community activities.  

•    Persons Receiving Services volunteered at:
        NAPA – Evanston,  South Lincoln Nursing Center – Kemmerer,  Food Banks – Afton & Thayne,  Thayne Branch Library – Thayne,  Uinta Senior Center - Evanston. 
•    Persons receiving services worked at:
LSR Thrift Store - Afton,  Smith’s - Evanston,  Burger King – Afton,  Subway – Afton,  Rocky Mountain Yeti – Evanston,  LSR Cleaning Services – Thayne,  LSR Document Destruction – Afton/Evanston,  Pizza Hut – Evanston,  Peak Fitness - Afton. 
•    Persons receiving services and staff participate in:
Chamber of Commerce – Kemmerer/Diamondville, Star Valley, & Evanston
Meals on Wheels - Evanston
           Human Resource Confederation – South Lincoln County & North Lincoln County
           Plan of Care Meeting – Staffing, Team Meeting, IEP, etc.
           LSR, Inc. Quarterly Safety Committee Meetings
           LSR Board of Directors Quarterly Meetings
           Community Events – Fossil Fest, Mountain Man Days, Lincoln County Fair, Oyster Ridge Festival


•    Persons receiving services and staff network with:
WYNOT, Wyoming Independent Living, Parent Information Center, Division of Developmental Disabilities, CARF, Protection and Advocacy, Wyoming Guardianship, Law Enforcement, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Public Health, Department of Family Services, Employment Services, Wyoming Workers Comp, WIND, ANCOR, Wyoming Community Service Providers Association, Turning Point, etc. 


•    Staff participated in:
Star Valley Rotary Club, Kemmerer Rotary Club, Star Valley Chamber of Commerce, Diamondville/Kemmerer Chamber of Commerce, Evanston Chamber of Commerce, Human Resource Councils Lincoln County, Wyoming Community Service Providers Association, Division of Developmental Disabilities Work Group Committees, CARF Peer Surveying, etc.  



Celebration of Achievements: 
An exciting evening was enjoyed by all who attended the annual awards banquet held at the Afton Civic Center, Kemmerer Events Center, and Evanston Round House.  All persons receiving services with LSR received recognition for accomplishments throughout the past year.  Community Service Awards were presented to:
•     Broulim’s Pharmacy– Star Valley Community Service Award
•    Sage Lanes– Diamondville/Kemmerer Community Service Award
•    Aspen Cinemas– Evanston Community Service Award


Human Resource: 
On June 30, 2020, LSR employed one hundred nine (109) personnel.  LSR also employed sixteen (10) persons served on-site.  
1 Executive Director  

6 Full-Time Administrative Assistants 
1 Deputy Director/Program Manager  

5 Program Managers 

11 Lead Direct Support Professionals 

1 Part-Time Information Technology 
4 Part-Time Direct Support Professionals 

74 Full-Time Direct Support Professionals 
4 Part-Time Thrift Store Clerks 

1 Seasonal Workers (Thrift store & Grounds) 
1 Person Served LSR Thrift Store  

1 Part-Time HR Trainer    
5 Persons Served Shredding/Recycling 

4 Persons Served Custodial Duties    



A financial audit of LSR records for the period July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 was completed by DeCoria & Company PC, Certified Public Accounts.  The audit found no significant financial irregularities for the fiscal year. 


Income From Grants:    
•    Lincoln County    $ 3,000.00     
    United Way           $ 16,518.00 
    Silver Star              $ 1,000.00  


Income From Donations-Fundraising: 
    Cash Donations   $ 10,380.00 
    Fund Raising         $ 18,551.00 


General Funding Sources Fiscal Year: 
•    HCBS Medicaid Waivers        $ 4,142,564.00
•    Room/Board                              $ 155,827.00
    Thrift Store                                  $ 92,396.00
•    LSR Shredding & Janitorial    $ 10,658.00        



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