Lincoln Self Reliance Offices


Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc. operates offices at three locations in Lincoln County: Diamondville/Kemmerer, Afton, and Thayne; and one location in Uinta County: Evanston. These three offices, with their respective residential homes, provide services to their respective counties and surrounding counties and areas.




Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc.  

Afton, Main Office

1038 South Washington Street

Post Office Box 1449

Afton, Wyoming 83110

Phone: 307-885-1577

Fax: 307-885-2577

Email: DarrelS@lsrservices.org

Email: KaylaG@lsrservices.org







Evanston  Office:

100 Bear River Drive

Evanston, Wyoming 82930

Phone: 307-789-2037

Fax: 307-789-0407

Email: DaniB@lsrservices.org








Thayne  Office:

250 Van Noy Parkway

Thayne, Wyoming 83127

Phone: 307-883-2577

Fax: 307-883-5578

Email: KimberlyH@lsrservices.org






Diamondville/Kemmerer Office

20 Adaville Drive

Post Office Box 367

Diamondville, Wyoming 83116

Phone: 307-877-1321

Fax: 307-877-5774

Email: ShirleyD@lsrservices.org