Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc.  
Job Description:  Direct Support Professional (2024)
Pay Range $15.00 - $18.50 hr.  


Purpose:  Direct Support Professionals are responsible for the direct supervision of adult individuals with developmental disabilities in various settings such as their home, vocational placement, community, group home and LSR Day Hab program.  It is the Direct Support Professional’s responsibility to see to the specific needs of each person served, provide teaching opportunities, options for informed choice and follow safety guidelines per each individual’s plan of care. 


Supervisor:  Lead Direct Support Professional  


Essential Functions:  
1.  Understand the Individual Plan of Care and implement the documentation procedures according to the plan including recommendations from special services such as OT, PT, etc.
2.  Understand, implement and complete documentation procedures as they apply to the daily functioning of the Day Habilitation Center (i.e., goal data sheets, schedules, incident reports, emergency drills, writing lesson plans, community integration logs, daily case notes, etc.)
3.  Understand and follow all LSR policies and procedures as outlined in various company manuals (Employee Handbook, Safety Manual, Code of Ethics, etc.).
4.  Assist persons served with personal care issues as needed such as toileting, feeding, hygiene, etc.
5.  Train persons served on daily living skills such as meal planning/preparation, shopping, grooming, cleaning, job skills, etc.
6.  Teach persons served good hygiene, appropriate dress and social interactions (such as communication, manners, appropriate behaviors, etc.) while in the residential homes, in LSR buildings, or in the community.
7.  Be able to physically assist persons served as needed, including: bending, stretching, kneeling, crawling, balancing, turning, twisting and the ability to lift fifty (50) pounds minimum.  Be able to assist persons served with adaptive equipment: wheelchairs, walkers, vehicle wheelchair lifts, Hoyer lifts, positioning equipment, etc.  Be able to implement toning, stretching, and exercise routines as prescribed for persons served by OTs or PTs.  Be able to assist persons served with exercise equipment like treadmills, Cardio Glides, recumbent bikes, etc.
8.  Be able to transport persons served safely, under all driving conditions, to and from the center, group homes, and community activities.
9.  Clean, sanitize, and organize the work area daily to maintain a clean and safe environment.  Include the persons served in the process as appropriate.
10.  Contribute to the development and implementation of lesson plans.
11.  Complete daily documentation correctly for persons served and review documentation of co-workers as assigned.
12.  Understand that persons served are individuals and should be treated as such. Be sensitive to the needs and learning styles of each person served.   Focus on each individual’s abilities not their disabilities. Present options for informed choice and encourage independence. Empathize, do not sympathize.
13.  Treat persons served, co-workers, related services, and the public with respect.
14.  Maintain confidentiality of information regarding persons served, co-workers, and company matters.
15.  Show professionalism by:  work quality, showing initiative and good judgment, being self-motivated so the job can be completed without direct supervision, clock in on time using time card, maintaining a good attendance record; role modeling of appropriate behaviors, proper dress, hygiene, and communication for persons served; ability to work as a team member; following chain of command.
16.  DSPs are required to take the on-call phone as scheduled. 


Employment Qualifications:  
1.  The ability to reason and problem solve.
2.  Math and reading skills.
3.  Verbal and written communication skills.
4.  Clear background (Finger Print screening by DCI/FBI and DFS).
5.  Certified in CPR and First Aid (may be acquired during employment).
6.  Possess a valid driver’s license and provide a copy of current driving record.  Must be insurable by LSR vehicle insurance without increasing premiums (minimum age 18).
7.  Be willing to perform any reasonable request to meet the needs of the persons served.
8.  Ability to use computer for documenting client services in a time efficient manner.
9.  Open and eager to better self in daily situations. 


This job description is not all-inclusive and does not imply that these functions and qualifications are the exclusive obligations of this job.  
LSR is an equal opportunity employer.  Employment at LSR is at-will.  Nothing herein contained shall be construed to be a contract between the employer and the employee.